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Teaching Experience

Over the course of the past 12 years, I've had the opportunity to be the TA or Instructor in 12 classrooms and interacted with many more students outside the classroom. I've worked with students from kindergarten through graduate school, in subjects from basic counting through complex ethical dilemmas, like net neutrality.


The different classes, in some ways dictated my interaction with students. The classes at Berea College were all run like labs and I spent significant time helping students troubleshoot programming. Other classes, like CSCI 5115, I spent most of my contact with students meeting with project groups and helping guide them through the course. But perhaps more than anything, I love working with students in the introductory computer science courses. Many of these students were taking the course because it met a quantitative reasoning requirement. It got them out of taking calculus. These students often entered the classroom scared, but left confident in new skills and expanded opportunities.

Course I've Co-instructed:

UMN CSCI 1001: Overview of Computer Science (52 students)

Syllabus, Labs & Assignments


Courses I've TAed before include:

UMN SENG 5115: Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation (41 students)

UMN CSCI 5115: UI Design, Implementation, & Evaluation (~50 students)

UMN CSCI 1001: Overview of Computer Science (~60 students)

UMN CSCI 1902: Structure of Computer Programming II (93 students)

Berea CSC 320: Algorithms, Objects & Data Abstractions (7 students)

Berea CSC 205: Introduction to Computer Science (~20, ~20 students)

Berea MAT 225: Calculus II (~30 students)


As part of the Preparing Future Faculty program at UMN, I designed a course to be taught during a one-month interim semester. The goal was to co-teach the course with a history professor at Berea College.


Course I designed:

Ada Lives: The (Female) History of Computational Thought

Syllabus (PDF), Assignment (PDF)


Teaching Philosophy

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