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Course Syllabi

The syllabus from the Overview of Computer Science course co-taught with Dr. Phil Barry: Syllabus


The syllabus from the Ada Lives: The (Female) History of Computational Thought course designed as part of the Preparing Future Faculty Program: Syllabus (PDF)


Sample Labs & Assignments

Teaching Evaluations

SENG 5115: Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation

"Katie put a lot of effort and thought into reviewing our work and providing feedback. Was very quick to respond and willing to help with any question."

"You did a good job single handidly handling the classes homework questions. Liked that you were very responsive to email."

"Katie does a great job of staying in touch with students and communicating about assignments and giving guidance and feedback....Overall she is a great asset for this program. Other courses should also have a TA to assist the way she does."


CSCI 1001: Overview of Computer Science

" She was always willing to go out of her way to help me when I did not understand something. She also made a point to get to know us well. She was also very understanding when problems arose."

"The best thing about Katie was she cared for teaching and wanted to be sure that in lab people knew the topics."

"She was very friendly and even changed her office hours so that they were more convenient for the students. She is also a lot of help during the labs."

"She was very approachable and always tried to make up creative ways of looking at a problem. Overall an excellent teacher and driven TA."

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