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Email: katie@panciera.net
LinkedIn: Katie Panciera

I'm currently a User Experience Researcher at Google. I just finished my Ph.D. with GroupLens Research in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. My advisor was Dr. Loren Terveen. My research was supported by several fellowships including a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. I worked for a year at Facebook as a User Experience Researcher while writing up my dissertation.

I received my BAs from Berea College in Computer Science and Mathematics.


My research in the area of social computing and HCI. I am interested in the dynamics of online peer production communities, specifically how consumers and average contributors differ from users who produce the majority of the content. I've looked in depth at this issue in both Wikipedia and Cyclopath. As part of my research I've done logs analysis, surveys, interviews, and user testing. more

User Experience

I enjoy working to improve user experiences. Through my work at Google, Facebook, research, teaching assistantships, and internship, I have learned a variety of methods. These include survey design and analysis, persona building, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthroughs, user interviews, in person and remote usability testing, and quantitative analysis. I've worked at all phases of product development from formative interviews through post-launch monitoring. more

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